All Hospitality Volunteers

  • Time commitment = various (depending on need)
  • One meal provided Friday; two meals provided on Saturday (see distribution times below)*
    • Pick-up volunteer t-shirt and meal tickets


Hospitality Assistant, Exhibitor Green Room

  • Provide meals for all exhibitor representatives
  • Provide coffee, snacks, water for exhibitor representatives
  • *Meal(s) needs determined by shift served


Hospitality Attendant, Plenary Green Room

  • See to all needs of each plenary speaker and worship team member while utilizing the plenary green room


Door Monitor for Stage Access

  • Provide screening and security for green room


Plenary Hosts

  • Provide all transportation necessary from airport, to hotel, to conference, to hotel, to airport (and anything in between)
  • Shadow speaker on-site and direct as needed in a timely fashion:
    • Green room to prep for general session
    • Workshop, 45 minutes before start
    • Meals, as needed
  • Be certain host is checked-in once on-site and provided with name badge


If you are interested in serving on one of our hospitality teams, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator HERE.