All Media Volunteers

  • Time commitment = When in attendance
  • One meal provided Friday; two meals provided on Saturday (see distribution times below)
  • Check-in at the Main Atrium
    • Pick-up volunteer t-shirt and meal tickets


General Guidelines and Information for all Media Volunteers

  • Crowd and individual shots are welcome.
    • Different vantage points and/or artistic approaches are also welcome
    • Try to give a sense of the event and represent all of its facets
  • Be sensitive to topics and situations that may not allow you to take photos or post online
  • No photos are to be taken of the following:
    • Children’s full faces (group shots from the back are acceptable)
    • Workshops in any rooms designated (TBD)
  • Please adhere to building restrictions
    • Ask Security or other appropriate personnel before going beyond ropes or barriers (this is not up to your discretion)
  • Always ask workshop presenters if they are ok with being photographed (do this before session begins; most rooms have a different speaker for each time segment)
  • See Cast of Characters below for an overview of the event


Social Media

  • Post video and photos of MCNW during the event, capturing the culture and creating engagement.
  • Use provided hashtags to create momentum, and tag appropriately



  • Photos can be uploaded to the MCNW Google Drive



  • Need good stock footage of all aspects of the event


Cast of Characters to Photograph

  • People: Attendees, Volunteers, Exhibitors, Speakers (plenary & workshops), Board members
  • Activities: Prayer, Workshops, Plenary sessions (worship, interviews, speakers, special events), Children’s Global Fair, Exhibitors, Registration, Book table (autograph signing), Hospitality, Food carts, Transportation
  • Places: entrances, auditorium, fellowship hall, classrooms, basement, everywhere – all three levels


If you are interested in serving as a photographer or as part of our social media team, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator HERE.