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Jeannie Marie is the author of Across the Street and Around the World and creator of The Neighbors & Nations Course, inspiring and training ordinary people to reach the three billion people with least access to Jesus.

She is also a strategist for Frontiers—an international organization that sends people to serve in fifty Muslim countries around the world—and she is also an instructor for Perspectives and Justice College.

A practitioner and mobilizer, she has befriended international students, welcomed refugees, worked with community development non-profits, and moved to India with her family to an unreached, unengaged people group.

She now lives with her husband and four children in Arizona, having lots of adventures across the street and around the world together.

With a passion for innovation, Andrew Scott is working to reframe Christian missions for a generation. He serves as President/CEO of Operation Mobilization USA, a member of OM’s Global Leadership Team, and frequent speaker on challenging the status quo of missions and calling. Author of the highly acclaimed book Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You, he and his wife Sharon live near Atlanta and have two children, Ana and Daniel.

Adrian Reeves is a missions mobilizer and serves as the Director for the National African American Missions Conference (NAAMC). In this capacity he oversees missions programming for children, teens, and adults empowering them through resourcing, equipping, and networking for cross-cultural missions. He is also the Executive Pastor for Christ Kingdom Church in Prince George’s County MD. Adrian accepted the Lord at the age of 12 and dedicated his life to the advancement of God’s Kingdom. He strives to build capacity in God’s people through insightful instruction and edifying encouragement.

Kevin Palau is President and CEO of the Luis Palau Association. Kevin joined LPA in 1985 and
began directing the day-to-day operation of the ministry in the late 1990s. Under his leadership,
LPA has united tens of thousands of churches in hundreds of cities to love and serve their
communities and clearly share the Good News of Jesus. During Kevin’s time at LPA he has also
helped develop a global network of hundreds of partner evangelists.
Kevin helps lead TogetherPDX, a sustainable, united movement of churches in Portland,
Oregon. His book, Unlikely: Setting Aside Our Differences to Live Out
the Gospel describes the ongoing impact of the movement.
Kevin lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife, Michelle, and enjoys serving on the boards of
Alpha USA, Christians Against Poverty, and Transforming the Bay with Christ.

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What People Are Saying:

Mission ConneXion Northwest

We are a volunteer run event, staffed completely by people just like you.

There is a place for everyone to serve, from the parking lot to the cafeteria, from registration to security. We welcome small groups, youth groups, and individuals to serve with us, and we would love to work with you!

If you have questions or want to sign up to volunteer, please CLICK HERE.

Prayer Volunteer:

Prayer volunteers are a group of individuals who will partner during and after the annual conference to pray for the needs and listen to the Lord as he answers prayers. This group will be overseen by the Prayer Coordinator and will be ready willing and able to pray with the conference attendees and speakers throughout the duration of the conference.

Hospitality Assistant:

Hospitality assistants will help stock Plenary Green Room accordingly; maintains a prayerful and peaceful atmosphere in the Green Room; assists Hospitality Coordinator with each Plenary speaker to ensure their needs are met (water, snack, knowledge of Green Room).

Usher Volunteer:

Ushers will assist in taking of the offering during plenary sessions, give guidance around facilities if needed, and assist in other tasks when asked.

Registration Volunteer:

Volunteers will welcome attendees, be door greeters, direct attendees to the registration table to get their badge, making sure everyone has registered and has a name tag. Volunteers will set up and be ready to print/stuff/handout name tags and lanyards to those registered. They will help individuals NOT registered to register online at the table.

Workshop Volunteer:

Workshop volunteers will assist the Workshop Coordinator by scanning workshop attendee’s badge, assisting with recording device setup, provide instructions on the online survey process, and assisting the needs of the workshop leader.

Exhibitor Assistant:

Volunteers help stock Exhibitor Green Room accordingly; maintains a prayerful and peaceful atmosphere in the Green Room; assists Exhibitor Coordinator with each booth Rep to ensure needs are met (water, snack, knowledge of Green Room). Volunteers help load in/load out, set up/tear down during the event.

Donation Volunteer:

Donation volunteers will collect offerings, assist in helping online donations, working with coordinator for counting/recording/distributing fund if needed during event.

Other areas volunteers are needed:

  • Parking/Safety Team
  • On-site team (rapid response team)
  • Set-up/Tear-down

Our Church Partners: