We praise God for a great Mission ConneXion 2019!  Hopefully, you found the event 100% Worth It! We realize that with so many great presenters and limited seating, you probably didn’t get to hear every session that you wanted to. To continue equipping you and mobilizing you for the Kingdom, we have provided some of those recordings here below.

In order to protect sensitive ministries, some workshops were not recorded.

This outstanding event would not be possible without the help of many volunteers and the donations of supporters and we are excited to provide, now, these recordings to deepen your connection to God’s mission. Please consider making a donation which will help us defray the recording costs and continue this impactful ministry. Thank you!

You can also watch the main session videos on our YouTube page.

Luis Palau MCNW 2019

Heather Mercer MCNW 2019

Nik Ripken MCNW 2019

York Moore MCNW 2019

2019 Workshops

(Brick Room, 126)
(Capacity: 125)
Finding God in Pain & Loss

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

The journey of pain and loss is difficult and unique to everyone. This workshop will provide practical tips on how to survive tough times while staying close to God.

Answering 4 Common Objections to Our Faith

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

Our skeptical friends often use powerful talking points in an attempt to refute our faith. This workshop will provide practical answers to four common objections.

Does God Exist?

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

Many of our unchurched friends either doubt God’s existence or question whether He is relevant to their lives. This workshop will provide seven compelling reasons for why we believe that God exists.

How to Disarm Doubt

Dr. Brent Strawsburg

Everyone struggles with doubt. Discover six practical steps to disarm the doubts in your life or someone close to you.

Apologetics for Kids
(Capacity: 70)
Equipping Our Children with Lasting Faith


Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Research shows the majority of our kids abandon their faith. Come explore how we can use God-given tools to equip our children with confident, enduring, biblical faith.

Grounding Our Children in Truth

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Come explore the concept of worldview and learn how we can use worldview training to help our children understand truth. This session is for both adults and kids!

Training Our Children to Recognize Counterfeit Worldviews

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Culture bombards our kids with false truth-claims. Come investigate how we can prepare them to evaluate every message they encounter.

Preparing Our Children for Missional Encounters

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

How can we prepare our children to reach out to the lost in both truth and love? This session will investigate answers to this question and is for adults and kids alike!

Business As Mission
(Gathering Center)
(Capacity: 70)
Sharing your God-Given Skills with Unreached Peoples


Larry Sharp

This workshop will share lessons learned throughout ten years of helping business people share their expertise with kingdom businesses being developed in the world’s most impoverished and unreached areas.  These businesses create jobs and make disciples of Jesus.

Building Sustainable Mission Through Business

Patrice Tsague

Depending on foreign donations is not the best way to support missions.  Helping national entrepreneurs build God-honoring businesses that are committed to local mission is.  Here’s how it’s being done.

Perspectives on Business as Mission

John Warton

Best practices and new developments in BAM will be shared by several active BAMers who will also serve as a resource panel for those with questions on developing their BAM mission overseas.

Case Studies from North Africa, the Middle East, & SE Asia

Devin Dickel

An up close look at various Business for Transformation case studies will provide insights into challenges and victories faced by front line workers and some key lessons for churches to effectively engage in B4T.

Cross-Cultural Adaptation
(Capacity: 40)
Adapting Your Expectations in Shame/Honor Cultures

Jim Stevens

Those of us in the west are often confused by the “logic” of our friends from other cultures.  Especially eastern cultures.  Here’s why.

Cross-Cultural Communication – I Didn’t Really Say What You Heard

Ray Williams

Even without a language barrier, cultural hurdles mean the things we say often don’t translate directly. How do we learn to communicate so that the true message is understood?

Cross-Cultural Ministry with Kids

Lauren Wells

Empowering families with culture-learning skills helps them adapt and thrive overseas. Come explore some of those skills and how to apply them with kids of all ages.

Becoming a Good Neighbor to People of Other Cultures

Natalie Kim

This is for overseas workers, welcoming people from other cultures, working within a multicultural team, and those who want to be good neighbors to people of different cultures.

Current Issues in Mission
(Capacity: 50)
Being Single in the Mission Field: A Greater Call

Daisy Delmore

This workshop will focus on the importance of singles identifying their call to global missions and discovering its personal and global benefits.

Purity In Missions


Don Johnson

Missionaries on the field may find it harder to maintain moral purity than those who stay at home. Why is that, and what can we do in our churches and agencies to help them?

Mission Structures: Adapting to an Ever Changing World

Ray Williams

The world is ever changing.  The modern missionary movement that began over 200 years ago needs to adapt to it.  How can we keep up with the world we live in and still effectively communicate the Gospel?

Standing Up for Life

Robert Seemuth

In our world today, we need to discover fresh, practical, proven ways to be engaged in pro-life issues and learn how to equip your church to advocate for the unborn.

Effective Evangelism
(Capacity: 50)
Affinity Group Evangelism

Wendy Palau

Hear how gathering small groups to hear the Good News can be effective as you share the love of Jesus through events for women, community leaders, prison and other outreaches.

Mobilizing Millennials for Gospel Expansion

R. York Moore

Learn how InterVarsity USA is experiencing unprecedented growth, reaching more students for Christ than at any other time, largely due to over 1,000 Millennial employees.

How to Use Mission Teams for Evangelism

Alan & Vicki Greene

Mission teams are a great opportunity to reach people and they should be strategic about incorporating evangelism. Hear how you can bring the Gospel into your mission.

How to Do an Evangelistic Event in Your Neighborhood

Jose Zayas, Alpha Hayward, Gary Dozier

Hear from three leaders committed to evangelism in their community. From weekly summer gatherings, to a day of fun for families & large stadium events, they have done it all.

Emotional Crisis Care
(Back Room, 125)
(Capacity: 175)
How to Have a Crisis Conversation


Rob Lloyd

Do you know how to talk to someone who has just watched their child die, their city be destroyed, their neighbors be exploited? We want to provide some tools to help.

Understanding Children’s Response to Trauma & How to Help

Rob Lloyd

Children do not process or express grief like adults and due to developmental stages, have different needs after devastating events. We want to give you some tools to help.

Responding Strategically to Crisis

Rob Lloyd

There are many steps in assisting those who have experienced a critical incident. Let us help you figure out a good working order when helping others.

How to Deliver Bad News Well & Why it Matters

Rob Lloyd

All will receive bad news in their lives, but the way it’s delivered & by whom it’s delivered will never be forgotten. Knowing what to do provides a real ministry opportunity.

Freedom & Justice
(Capacity: 40)
Develop Freedom & Justice Views

Tracy Daugherty

This workshop will look through the lens of Scripture at oppression and exploitation of women. Come expand your world view of social justice to align with Biblical Justice.

Prevent Human Trafficking

Dr. Christina Crenshaw

Schools have a major role to play in combating human trafficking, let’s teach youth about modern day slavery and encourage the Church to take an active role in this fight.

Rescue the Right Way

Lynn Burgard

Come discuss the importance of redefining rescue philosophy, from quick fix mentalities to holistic methods. Comprehensive rescue leads to healing, development and empowerment.

Restoration is Possible

Chelsea Van Essen

This workshop explores the process of healing and restoration from trauma and the unique role creation facilitates this transformation.

Fundraising for Mission
(Capacity: 32)
Raising Personal Support for a Local Ministry

Fred Douglas

The who, what, when, where and how. The Art of building a support base, letter writing and making sure you reach your goals in raising dollars needed to support your ministry.

A Fundraiser’s View of Biblical Generosity

John Ogle

We will help those seeking funds as well as those whose primary role is investing in missions. Dig into Biblical principles that undergird the work of funding Kingdom work.

Long Term Success in Fundraising

John Ogle

Success in development is achieved over time; there are several elements that win yearly donors.  This session applies to both individuals and organizations.

Launch Your Missions Career – In Donor Development


Greg Moon

Could raising funds for missions be your God given ministry? Come and explore how raising funds for missions can be an incredible opportunity and a life-long ministry.

Global Fair
(Community Life Center)
The Children’s Global Fair is an interactive environment designed to challenge children in their missions education through the use of games, art, and learning activities. Created for elementary-age students, the Global Fair is a fun place where children can be introduced to missions concepts in thought-provoking ways. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Open Sat., 11am-2:30pm & 4:30-6:30pm
Gospel vs. Social Justice
(Capacity: 40)
Gospel or Social Justice


Dr. Michael Badriaki

Do you wrestle with the tension between personal evangelism and social justice? This workshop is for you. Come to this gathering and bring a friend!

Essentials Millennials Cannot do Without

Dr. Michael Badriaki

Millennials are passionate about justice, come learn about cross-cultural challenges related to justice and how to approach them in a Biblical and relational way.

What God Says About Justice

Dr. Michael Badriaki

Come learn what the Bible says about justice, our part in it and how to approach it from a Biblical world view.

Gospel or Social Justice

Dr. Michael Badriaki

Do you wrestle with the tension between personal evangelism and social justice? This workshop is for you. Come to this gathering and bring a friend!

(Capacity: 32)
Holy Cow? Hinduism & the Open Doors it Presents for Sharing Christ

Brad Butcher

Why are cows considered holy while certain people are considered worthless? Explore Hinduism and how understanding it can reveal the best way to communicate Christ with them.

Ten Tips for Sharing Christ With Your Hindu Friend: Part 1

Richard Lewis

Helping Christ-followers avoid the 5 major pitfalls when witnessing to Hindus.

Ten Tips for Sharing Christ With Your Hindu Friend: Part 2

Richard Lewis

Guiding believers in the 5 major principles for effectively gospeling Hindus.

MARG -Making Authentic Relationships Grow Among Hindus in the US

Brad Butcher

Making Authentic Relationships Grow (MARG) is a proven way to relate the way of Jesus with Hindus, over time, using concepts from their religious heritage.

International Students
(Capacity: 40)
Reach the Hearts of Students who Live in Spiritual Fear

Carmen Bryant

Int’l students often fear spirits, ghosts, jinn, and “fate.”  We will discuss how to identify and help students who need to break free from bondage and gain freedom in Christ.

Preparing Returnees for Hostility & Persecution

Kerry Sinclair

Most international students come from countries hostile to Jesus. We will examine ways to prepare returnees to remain faithful in spite of suffering and even death.

Reach the Students from Honor/Shame Cultures

Lindy Ko

Most internationals studying in N. America view the world from an honor/shame perspective. This workshop will explore ways to effectively share the gospel to these students.

Reach Students from a “Clean/Unclean” Worldview

Carmen Bryant

Islam is an honor/shame society but is also bound by religious codes that can ostracize its followers from God and society. Learn how to address becoming pure in God’s eyes.

Missionary Care
(Capacity: 40)
Walking With Your Missionary When God Seems Absent

Doug Hazen

Nothing neutralizes the gospel more than doubt arising from ministry and personal attacks; especially when God is silent.  Come learn how to encourage your missionary’s faith.

Caring for Your Career Missionary: How & Why it’s Worth It!

Mark & Helen Downing

Cross-cultural life is hard. God uses difficulties for His good purposes. How to provide missionary care to increase effectiveness and reduce attrition will be addressed.

Mental Health Cost of Missions

Lynn Paulsen

There are many potential risks missionaries face in serving abroad. We’ll look specifically at the risks to one’s emotional/mental health, especially from exposure to trauma.

Forgiveness: The Key to Healing

Calvin & Julie Tadema

The only solution to things gone wrong is forgiveness. The only way to release a wrong done to you is to forgive. True freedom is possible by the generous use of forgiveness.

Muslim Ministry
(Capacity: 110)
Reach the Marginalized with Education & Development


Carla Davis

Christians in Muslim society are marginalized and persecuted.  Discover how education, Community Health Evangelism (CHE), and Disciple Making Ministry can change the outcome.

Meeting & Ministering to Muslims

Barry Tabor

This workshop is designed to empower believers to befriend and share your faith in Jesus with a Muslim neighbor, co-worker, or even total stranger.

Hospitality in Muslim Ministry

Lily Rhys

Join us as we look at the Biblical foundation for hospitality, and share practical tips about hosting and guesting well.

Now What? Establish an ESOL Program in Your Church

Denny Willwert

This workshop will be a practical guide to establishing ESOL as an outreach program in a local church.  It will offer a checklist of some things that should be considered.

Next Generation
(Capacity: 40)
Understanding Today’s Global Youth Culture: Values and Worldviews

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

This session presents an overview of the cultural and technological shifts occurring in society and how they are influencing the worldviews and values of young people globally.

Keys to Intergenerational Mission Teams and Leadership

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

This session will present generational differences, key strategies for engaging young people on mission teams, and best practices for intergenerational leadership.

Challenges and Opportunities for Millennials and Gen Z in Mission

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

As Biblical illiteracy grows, technology expands, and cultural values shift, Millennials and Gen Z face unique challenges and God-given opportunities as they engage in mission.

Next Gen Leaders in Mission: A New Season

Dr. Jolene Erlacher

The world has changed. A new season requires fresh leadership strategies. God is calling the next generation of Godly leaders to a task for the faithful and courageous!

Persecuted Church
(Capacity: 100)
A New Wave of Evangelism Developing in Persecuted Asia


Michael Maksimowicz

Have you heard what God is doing in the persecuted, 10-40 window of Asia? A great outpouring of His Spirit is being poured out.  Find out how you can serve in the harvest.

Standing with Those Who Are Persecuted



Carla Davis

We face persecution and pray effectively for the persecuted by understanding the Biblical perspective on persecution.  Field stories will encourage us to think differently.

Christian Persecution & Martyrdom in the 21st Century

Matthew Tallman

This workshop takes a brief look at the entire history of Christian martyrdom and persecution and takes a close look at how we can respond appropriately in the 21st century.

God’s Mighty Work Among Iranians

Christina Voskian

Elam has had the privilege to be working in the Iran region since 2003. Since that time, we have published more then 1.9M New Testaments. God is writing a remarkable story for the people and nation of Iran.

Plenary Speakers
(Courtyard Room)
(Capacity: 100)
Q & A with The Palau Team

The Palau Team

Join a discussion with the Palau team to learn from years of experience on the mission field.

Q & A with Heather Mercer

Heather Mercer

Heather Mercer shares more about life in Iraq, and how you can live vibrantly for the Kingdom here, and abroad.

Q & A with York Moore


York Moore

Learn more about evangelism in this Q and A session with York Moore.

Q & A with Nik Ripken

Nik Ripkin

Come understand more about modern day persecution and the role of the Church through Nik Ripken.

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
(Capacity: 50)
Missional Prayer

Christopher Coffman

Jesus showed us how people whose prayers begin with personal communion and interceding for others, can go on to become mission partners with God Almighty.

How Shall We Pray for the Nations?

Rob Wiggins

God has called us for to pray fervently for His work in the nations of the world. We will consider theological convictions and practical patterns how to live this out.

What if I Run Into a Demon?

Gerry Breshears

We will explore Biblical and theological foundations of spiritual warfare and develop practical methodologies to help people find freedom from spiritual bondage.

Intercession Is Secondary

Doug Hazen

You will change your prayer life as you discover the priority and practice of worship as a perfect preparation and context for intercession.

Preparing to Serve in Mission
(Capacity: 32)
Two Major Concerns in Considering Missions Service

Don Parrott

In a recent survey the two greatest concerns for those considering missions:  support raising and language learning. We’ll present practical resources and helpful ideas.

Dealing With Family Issues

Ele Parrott

Counsel regarding aging parents, children, grandchildren, family objections, education, cross-cultural adaptation, language learning, and developing a healthy family ethos.

Equipping for Spiritual Warfare in Missions Prep

Ele Parrott

As we step into mission we become a target of the enemy. Knowing how to protect ourselves is fundamental. This workshop will share effective ways to stand firm.

How to Maximize Your Missions Involvement after MC

Don Parrott

This workshop will clarify how you can be involved in a missions-related role now. We examine various roles such as Mobilizer, Learner, Welcomer, Sender, Pray-er, Goer.

Short-Term Mission (STM)
(Capacity: 25)
Making Mission Trips Better: Go From Good to Great

Brian Heerwagen

STM organizers, team leaders or church staff will discover insights to take your STM from good to great. We’ll unpack what makes the 7 Standards of Excellence so revolutional!

How To Prepare For a Short-Term Mission Trip


Tory Ruark

What do you need to know or do before your next mission trip? This seminar will look at all facets of preparation so whether you’re leading or going you’re ready for the trip!

Mission Trips Can Support Orphans Better

Elli Oswald

Many Christians visit or volunteer in orphanages. Yet, increasing awareness of the risks compels us to rethink how mission trips can better support vulnerable children.

Debriefing—Get the Most Out of Your STM Investment

Don Johnson

How can we capture and retain growth in short-term missionaries and channel that into ongoing ministry? We’ll look at how debriefing and follow-through answer that question.

Storying the Bible
(Capacity: 32)
The Woman at the Well


Jerry Wiles

Come learn how to share a Biblical story in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. This is an intro into oral disciple making.

Jesus Calms the Storm

Jerry Wiles

Come learn how to share a Biblical story in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. This is an intro into oral disciple making.

Demon Possessed Gerasene

Jerry Wiles

Come learn how to share a Biblical story in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. This is an intro into oral disciple making.

The Story of Nicodemus

Jerry Wiles

Come learn how to share a Biblical story in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. This is an intro into oral disciple making.

Teaching English in Missions
(Capacity: 25)
Teaching English as Ministry, Locally and Globally

Michael Bess

TESOL gives you access to people and places that are otherwise “closed” to missionaries. Explore training options, plus opportunities for service here and around the globe.

TESOL: Sharing the Good News Innovatively & Creatively


James Taylor

This interactive workshop will explore various ways of sharing the power and beauty of Jesus, such as storytelling, discussing current issues, and giving personal testimonies.

TESOL & Mission:  Opportunity & Caution

Kristyn Kidney

Teaching English can be a pathway to build relationships, meet needs, and serve people.  Explore both the great opportunities and cautions in combining TESOL with mission.

“Teacher!  Teacher!”  Getting Off the Hot Seat Gracefully

Michael Bess

What you should do, and why it matters, when your ESL students ask questions you can’t answer. How your perceived ability as a teacher and credibility as a witness are linked.

Women in Mission (Women Only)
(Capacity: 40)
Facing Fears: When Following Jesus Takes us Outside our Comfort Zone


Amy Jacobsen

Women, have you ever felt God nudging you to do something, but just felt too shy, reluctant or unqualified to obey? Our first and greatest battle takes place in our own minds.

Mom as Missionary – The Art of Balancing it All

Valerie Williams

Serving as a mom has its own unique challenges and struggles. This workshop will outline some of those challenges and offer practical ways to encourage and support moms.

What makes HER a HERO?: Biblical Identity and Cultural Context

Marti Wiliiams

What does it mean to be a Godly woman in my culture, and/or a godless culture? What is God’s missional plan for women in this broken world for His Kingdom Purposes?

Managing Marriage & Ministry Mayhem (For Men & Women)

Marti & Ray Williams

How do we manage ministry, marriage, family life and making disciples in our own context, not to mention in a culture that has its own ideas about how things work?

World Religions
(Capacity: 25)
Hinduism In Your Neighborhood

Terry Steele

Examine the distinctives of Hinduism and how to share the Gospel with Hindu friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers.

Islam in Your Neighborhood

Terry Steele/Lauren Wells

This workshop will cover the distinctives of Islam and how to build relationships and share the Gospel with friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers who adhere to Islam.

Buddhism In Your Neighborhood

Terry Steele

Explore distinctives of Buddhism and how to share the Gospel with Buddhist friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers.

Folk Religion In Your Neighborhood

Lauren Wells

Identify and understand distinctives of Folk Religion within major world religions in order to build more effective relationships while sharing Jesus Christ.