Where Prayer & Mission Connect

May 18th & 19th

Dr. Mark Jones

You want your prayers to connect with God…
You want to connect with God more through your prayers… 
And you want your prayers to connect with the mission of God. 

You are the reason there is a Prayer ConneXion:  

  • Three plenary sessions with one powerful speaker – Dr Mark Jones
  • Ten workshop sessions with very practical leaders
    • Prayerwalking with the Holy Sprit – James Autry
    • How does compassion relate to prayer? – Doug Hazen
    • What are my “next steps” now? – Lindsey Wenzlick
    • What’s the best way to pray for missionaries? – Dennis Fuqua
    • iPhone God: What are the Possibilities and Pitfalls of Personal Technology – Ahshuwah Hawthorn
    • What kind of prayer drives movements? – Paul Watson
    • How can healing prayer renew my mind? – Cal and Julie Tadama
    • How do I develop a personal prayer team? – Mark Jones
    • Establishing A Prayer Room in your Local Church – Renee Boucher
    • How can we engage kids in prayer for world missions? – Leng Halstead
  • As much time devoted to praying as talking. 
  • Discounted prices for groups. 
  • All this plus opportunity to meet others with a similar heart.

Connect with Us:

Our 2018 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Mark Jones is an elder and the Prayer Pastor of City Bible Church in Portland, Oregon. He has taught Personal Evangelism and Prayer in the Local Church at Portland Bible College and Adult Education at City Bible Church.  He has presented his personal growth seminar, Right Wrong Thinking, both locally and in churches nationwide.  Along with raising their four children, Mark and his wife, Susan, oversee the Prayer Ministries Department at City Bible Church.

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Dr. Mark Jones


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