Prayer ConneXion 2020

Due to recent stay in place motions and social distancing recommendations, Prayer ConneXion 2020 will be held virtually. A free Zoom account will be required for you to access the sessions and workshops. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Prayer ConneXion 2020 Registration: Click Here

Registration will open on Monday, April 13


You want your prayers to connect with God…
You want to connect with God more through your prayers…
And you want your prayers to connect with the mission of God.

You are the reason there is a Prayer ConneXion: 

  • Three plenary sessions with two powerful speakers – Brian Alarid & Gail Stockamp
  • Ten workshop sessions with very practical leaders.
  • As much time devoted to praying as talking.
  • Discounted prices for groups.
  • All this plus opportunity to meet others with a similar heart.

Event Details

VIRTUAL – Zoom account required (no cost)

Friday, May 8, 7pm-9pm
Saturday, May 9, 8am-4pm

James Autry, 503-515-5647

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$15 per individual (please register with email address that is associated with your online Zoom account)

2019 Schedule (2020 Schedule Coming Soon!)


6:30 – 7:00 Check-in and registration

7:00 – 9:00 Welcome, worship,sharing and leading in prayer



8:30 – 10:30 Worship, sharing, Dennis Fuqua leading in prayer


10:45 – Noon Workshop Session # 1

Noon – 12:45 Break

12:45 – 2:00 Workshop Session # 2

2:15 – 3:45 Sharing and leading prayer, evaluation


When Presenter Topic Description
1 Mike Williams Praying for our Missionaries – A Lost Art This workshop will explore the decrease in interest in praying and supporting our Missionary’s in the last decade. There are still large numbers of Unengaged Unreached People Groups, those who have not yet heard. Come and explore what we can do to be agents of change through prayer.
1 Renee Boucher Building and Sustaining a Prayer Movement in a City Strategic, united prayer has been at the foundation of every great awakening, revival, missions or church-based justice movement throughout history.  During this time, we will share some of the key components found in previous movements across the globe as well as what has been happening in Portland in recent years.
1 Samuel Hakim Prayer and Mission This workshop will seek to answer the question: Why prayer is needed before, during, and after a mission? That is, what is the relationship between prayer and the great commission?
1 Bill MacLeod The Prayer of Mission ConneXion This workshop will look at how vision, burden, and prayer have shaped Mission ConneXion from our beginning in 2001, up to the present time and looking ahead into the future.
1 Jody Mayhew Our Heart in Prayer This workshop will focus on the condition of our hearts as we draw near to the Lord in prayer and worship.  It will expose some of the ways the enemy has been interrupting our communion with Him and with one another.
1 Mark Jones Building & Maintaining a Personal Prayer Team This workshop will provide the necessary tools needed to build a team of intercessors to provide prayer coverage over your family, vocation, ministry, health and finances.  When your team is in place and praying, you will see and immediate difference in your life.
2 Mitch Lamotte Seven Attitudes for Effective Prayer Prayer is a privilege; it is a time of fellowship and access to God. It is a time of meditation on God’s word and a time of surrender in seeking His will to be done as we serve Him with our lives. In this workshop, we will explore Seven attitudes for an effective Prayer life.
2 James Autry Prayer-walking & The Power of Agreement In this workshop, you will understand more about Prayer, Prayer-walking and the 3 aspects of Faith.  Without all 3 aspects of Faith, our prayers tend to remain shallow, empty and producing little results, but with them working together, our prayers tend to become deep, full of life and bearing much fruit.
2 John and Jody Wilson Why Doesn’t Prayer Work? When we request something of God and do not get it, we may feel that our prayer did not work. We will look at Christ’s perfect yet practical example of prayer. You will be challenged to look at your own consumer driven concepts and practices in prayer. Come to this workshop ready to follow Jesus in prayer!
2 Dennis Fuqua Facilitating Dynamic Prayer Meetings What makes a prayer time dynamic rather than static?  How can we help people feel like they make significant contribution to our time of prayer?  This workshop will unpack simple yet significant steps to build a powerful prayer meeting.  Dynamic prayer times are not a mystery.  You can do this!
2 Cal and Julie Tadama The Healing Prayer Model We are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This workshop will introduce and follow a model of prayer that identifies places we need to change and invites God to reveal His truth to set us free.