Strategic Volunteer Partner


The purpose of this social media policy is to capture the opportunities offered by online communication tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc to advance the mission and vision of Mission ConneXion (MC) while simultaneously minimizing the risks inherent with the use of these tools. This policy governs the publication of and commentary on social media by those authorized with Mission ConneXion.  Approximately 10 hours a week, work from home, volunteer position. Available immediately.


  • Must be active in a local Christian church and be familiar with the culture of international missions
  • Possess a knowledge of current social media trends and best practices
  • Demonstrates creativity and is comfortable using graphic design software to create posts
  • Excellent writing and language skills
  • Able to communicate the heart of Mission ConneXion to the PNW

Job Responsibilities:

  • Promote MC events to potential exhibitors, likely attendees, and prospective attendees.
  • Reinforce to existing MC stakeholders (and promote to prospective ones) what our vision, mission, and core values are.
  • Expand the global reach of MC.
  • Engage not only followers within the MC movement but those outside who also share our vision, mission, and values.
  • Demonstrate MC as a thought leader and reputable voice in the mission mobilization community.
  • Increase the total number of likes and those following MC on relevant social media outlets.
  • Create and publish relevant, high-quality, original content 3-5 times per week, using the Mission ConneXion branding, mission, and voice.
  • Develop and implement a social media publishing calendar.

Guidelines to Promote Signature Conference Event

  • Promote signature event using hashtag (i.e. #mcx201X). This unique hashtag will pull the online conversation together, primarily on Twitter and Facebook, making it easy to find photos, comments, and attendee interactions during and after the event.
  • Be mindful that you are not the only person authorized to like, comment, tweet, or post on MC’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Avoid repetition.  We want a steady stream of meaningful activity without being annoying. Limit the likes, comments, retweets, tweets, and posts you initiate on behalf of MC to those who advance MC’s purposes.
  • Point people to resources that will help them as they endeavor to be personally “mobilized in mission” whether those resources are within or outside of the reach of MC.

Social Media Policy and Guidelines

  • Reply in a timely manner to those who make public posts about the event or send
  • private/direct messages with questions.
  • Do not publish any sensitive or risky information (especially in regards to missionaries or
  • others serving in creative-access contexts) that could jeopardize or put in danger an
  • individual or organization working in a security sensitive context. If in doubt, consult with the
  • board or executive director of MC.

Promotion of other MC Events

  • In coordination with the hosting association or church, ongoing MC events (Care ConneXion,
  • Support ConneXion, Muslim ConneXion, etc.) should be promoted via social media.

Protecting and Promoting MC’s Media Presence

  • Maintain the confidentiality of and do not post online Mission Connexion’s internal policies
  • or related confidential information. Internal policies and related confidential information may
  • include information regarding the development of processes, reports, procedures, etc. If you
  • are unsure if your post would violate this stipulation, please see the executive director or
  • appointed social media director.
  • If you believe MC’s security has been breached via a social media site, report this
  • immediately to the executive director or appointed designee.
  • If use of a MC logo is needed, contact the executive director, who will supply an approved
  • and appropriately sized logo. Do not resize, crop, personalize, or otherwise distort the logo
  • as this will compromise the quality of the image.
  • Be respectful and professional to fellow steering-team members, board of directors,
  • business partners, interns, attendees (or prospective attendees) and anyone you directly
  • engage with via social media.
  • If you discover any disrespectful or potentially damaging material on a site that MC controls,
  • hide content from public viewing and address the issue with the executive director or
  • assigned social media director (or intern) ASAP.
  • If you discover malicious or damaging information on another site outside of MC control, please report this information to the executive director or assigned social media director.

To apply:

Send your resume to along with 3 original social media posts (graphics + copy) that you feel communicate the heart of the organization.