Approximately 2-3 hours a week, work from home, volunteer position. Available immediately

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage the Mission ConneXion website, providing all maintenance and upkeep
  • Provide reports for web traffic and provide options for increasing visibility
  • Direct traffic to hosting website during Mission ConneXion
  • Be available to put videos, workshop audios, and other information as assigned on our website following the conference
  • Organize and manage various Mission ConneXion events, keeping event pages updated
  • Manage exhibitor web ads during Mission ConneXion


  • Must be active in a local Christian church and be familiar with the culture of international missions
  • Possess a knowledge of WordPress and related systems
  • Demonstrates creativity and is comfortable working independently
  • Excellent writing and language skills
  • Able to provide weekly maintenance as needed

Protecting and Promoting MC’s Online Presence

  • Maintain the confidentiality of and do not post online Mission Connexion’s internal policies
  • or related confidential information. Internal policies and related confidential information may
  • include information regarding the development of processes, reports, procedures, etc. If you
  • are unsure if your post would violate this stipulation, please see the executive director.
  • If you believe MC’s security has been breached via a social media site, report this
  • immediately to the executive director or appointed designee.
  • If use of a MC logo is needed, contact the executive director, who will supply an approved
  • and appropriately sized logo. Do not resize, crop, personalize, or otherwise distort the logo
  • as this will compromise the quality of the image.
  • Be respectful and professional to fellow steering-team members, board of directors,
  • business partners, interns, attendees (or prospective attendees) and anyone you directly
  • engage with via social media.
  • If you discover any disrespectful or potentially damaging material on a site that MC controls,
  • hide content from public viewing and address the issue with the executive director or
  • assigned social media director (or intern) ASAP.
  • If you discover malicious or damaging information on another site outside of MC control, please report this information to the executive director or assigned social media director.

To apply:

Send your resume to