By Bill MacLeod

Bill and WomanThe day after that first Easter, Luke 24 tells us how Jesus appeared without being recognized to two disciples who were still reeling from the events of the weekend surrounding Jesus’ death.  We get a candid, eyewitness account of just how downcast so many others also probably felt that day.  While they had heard about the empty tomb, they were still unaware of His resurrection – that He was alive.  Jesus goes along with them, both on the road and in conversation, even prompting them to explain to Him what things were so troubling to them when He asks, “What things?”

When He finally does reveal Himself to them it is only after He first explains the Scriptures to them, and in the familiar setting of their home over fellowship. Upon their recognition, Jesus disappears immediately, but that split-second awareness is enough to completely transform them and with complete comprehension, they now return to Jerusalem with newfound courage, to tell what they’ve seen.

Seeing Jesus for even an instant can change everything!  But only God’s Son would die a vicious, sacrificial death to bear our sin; be resurrected to new life, and then walk 6-7 miles anonymously with two disciples, and, after some food and fellowship on their home turf, grant them what they so desperately yearned for.

Following Easter this past weekend, some may still be struggling with concerns and obstacles that seem overwhelming and immovable.  Time alone with Jesus is priceless, but time in fellowship with other close, Jesus-following friends, expressing your struggle in familiar, safe surroundings can also bring healing and new perspective.

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My mother’s passing at age 96, three days after Christmas has recently brought opportunity for reflection upon a full life, well-lived.  Although she loved going to her Colonial-era, New England church as long as she could, and we talked about the need for salvation, we were never quite sure where she stood with the Lord.  I am so grateful for a long-time missionary friend who, a few years ago asked if he could visit her.  I am told that he enquired if she would like to invite Jesus Christ into her life.  This time she prayed with him and sealed the deal, for eternity.  If you suddenly found yourself talking to a total stranger today while you were shopping, or on a plane, or out watering your lawn; what would you say if he asked “What Things?”