The Bible teaches God is a good Father who created the world for humanity to live in and reflect his glory as his sons and daughters (Gen 1:26-31; 2:15).

But humans have rejected their Creator. We have chosen to not trust the Father (Gen 3:1-6), and have turned to worship the world we live in instead of the God who created it (Rom 1:18-32). Because of this, we have separated ourselves from relationship with God, and have therefore stranded ourselves in emptiness and sin (Rom 3:9-18).

But God in his grace and mercy was not content to leave humanity stranded outside of life with him. He sent his Son Jesus to bear the weight of the righteous judgment for our sin by being crucified on a Roman cross. While human beings are guilty to be eternally separated from the Father, Jesus has stood in the divine courtroom and has borne the penalty for our sin in our place.

The Bible also teaches that God raised Jesus from the dead after three days (Rom 15:1-11), and that Jesus has ascended to be with his Father, and will come again to bring his peace and justice to the world (Acts 1:9-11).

The message of the Gospel is that people, although separated from God because of sin, now have the opportunity to place faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, and to receive the Holy Spirit of God and flourish as his sons and daughters once again (Rom 8:1-17).

The prophets and apostles bore witness to this Gospel in the Scripture, and for 2000 years the story has spread all over the Earth.

Mission ConneXion exists to continue this message – to connect local churches and individuals to mission so that increasing numbers of believers are actively serving in areas of the world’s greatest need and opportunity.