Apologetics & Philosophy

Want to learn how to defend your faith? How about learning why God allows things to happen? This track helps with some of the toughest issues and questions we deal with as Christians and how we should respond.


Arts & Mission

We all have gifts and abilities that God uses for His Glory and the creative arts are no exception! Music, painting, performance and dance are just a few avenues He uses. In this track you will learn from experienced artists and ministries that are already using these tools.


Bibleless Peoples

Did you know, about 180 million people need Bible translation to begin in their language, and more than 1,800 languages need a translation project to begin? Want to know how to help? This track will show you what God is doing through translation and how you can be a part of it!



One of three major world religions that is growing around the globe, including here in the US. In this track you will hear about what God is doing through current mission efforts as well as learn the basic tenets of Buddhism and what Buddhists believe.


Business as Mission

Effective, sustainable and transformational are three things that describe the impact of business as mission. Many places around the world are not “open” to missionaries, but that isn’t stopping the gospel from moving forward through new and different avenues. This track will teach you how to use this tool as a way to reach the nations.


Church Planting

What is church-planting and why do we do it? Scripture teaches that the world will be transformed through the Church, and we are to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Planting churches isn’t about constructing buildings or designing programs, but about disciples who make disciples who make disciples.



Knock, knock…they come to our doors pretty often yet very rarely do we engage with the Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses that come calling. Want to learn how to engage and share the gospel with them? This track will help teach you how to respond to them as well as other cults.


Current Issues in Mission

There are many tough issues facing the world of Mission today, yet the gospel is moving forward. In this track you will learn about some of the changing tides happening around the world and how the global Church is responding and how you should respond as a believer in Christ.


Effective Evangelism

Want to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ? This track will give you tools and resources on how you can do that. Intentional prayer and Scripture will help guide this discussion as well as real life examples.


Fundraising for Mission

Whether you are going on a short-term trip, plan a long-term mission career or need to raise funds for your organization, this track will give you a biblical perspective on fundraising and the tools to be successful in developing relationships with givers.


Healthcare in Mission

Opportunities abound in the healthcare field globally! Come learn how you can use medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and other paramedical disciplines to spread the gospel in places you never would have imagined.


International Students

There are over 1,100,000 international students living and studying in our country. They are separated from family and friends, often lonely and isolated and unsure about how to relate to Americans. Sadly, many are never invited into an American home. Come learn how you can minister to them!



Our world is filled with fear and anxiety when we think of Muslims, but God wants us to love Muslims and not fear them. Come learn what Muslims believe, why they believe it and how you can witness to and pray for them.


Justice: Good News for the City

Urban centers are a strategic and important part of gospel movements. There are millions of people and thousands of nationalities, trying to make a better life for their families in cities around the world, and when the gospel pierces these areas, transformation takes place and the results are incredible!


Missionary Care

Missionaries are on the front lines of spiritual battle and that can’t be overlooked. They need counseling, education, finances and emotional support. This track will help you develop tools and strategies to mobilize a care team and/or learn how to care for your current missionaries.


Mobilizing Your Church for Mission

The words “mission” and “missional” have become a large part of church dialogue in the last number of years, but many still struggle with understanding the concept and putting a plan into action. In this track we will help develop tools, strategies, and a plan for your church to step into God’s mission.



Many of the remaining unreached peoples of the world come from oral cultures who respond greatly to story-telling. In this track you will learn the art of story-telling as a powerful communication tool to reach the nations with the gospel!


Persecution of the Church

Come learn about what God is doing through the persecuted church, learn how to pray for them and how to respond when we hear things in the news. God is doing a mighty work and He wants us to play a part!


Plenary Speakers

In this track each of our plenary speakers will teach on a topic of their choosing in our workshop format. The speakers include Leroy Barber, Michael Oh, Bob Goff and Steve Hawthorne.


Preparing to Serve in Mission

Ever wonder what you need to do to be prepared to serve overseas? In this track you will be able to learn about some possible steps to take as well as be able to ask any questions you may have.


Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

Prayer is an offensive tool that God gives us with the power of the Holy Spirit behind it. Spiritual warfare is real and present in our world even when we can’t see it. Come learn and pray together about this reality and how we need to respond as believers.


Short-Term Mission

This is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal to help people catch a vision for what God is doing around the world, but many times it is done poorly and with few long-term results. This track will help teach best practices, training tools as well as deal with issues facing many short-termers in the field.


Soul Care Ministry

Ministry to trauma recovery victims, this includes missionaries who must return home afterexperiencing extraordinary difficulties, or nationals on who have dealt with trauma and grief through natural disaster, extreme violence, slavery etc.


Unreached Peoples

Did you know that there are over 6500 people groups around the world that have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ? Come learn more about how you and I can impact that number through strategic prayer, giving, welcoming, learning and going!